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Private Pilot Add-on

If you already hold a Private Pilot fixed wing license, the cheapest option to learn to fly helicopters is to "add on" a Private Pilot helicopter license. Doing your training this way, you only have to fly 30 hours instead of 35 hours minimum and do not have to take a written exam. 

FAA Rating Requirements

General Requirements:
Already hold a Private (or higher) Pilot Certificate
Hold a Current 3rd. Class (or higher) FAA Medical Certificate
No FAA Written Exam 
Pass an FAA Oral and Practical Flight Test 

Flight Requirements:
Complete 30 hours Minimum Flight Time Including 10 hrs of Solo Flight 

What this means to you:
If you already hold a private fixed wing certificate, this option will be the least costly way to get your helicopter rating. Contact us for a full assesment. 

Estimated Minimum Cost:
Item Hours Rate Total
R22 Rental 30 $275/hr $8,250
Flight Instruction 20 $50/hr $1,000
Ground Instruction 20 $45/hr $900
Books $100
Total $10,250