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Accelerated Courses

 Veracity Aviation offers accelerated courses to any and all highly motivated individuals interested in maximizing their time and minimizing their training costs. These courses are ideal for working professionals who cannot designate an elongated training period in their busy schedules who would prefer an overall condensed yet thorough training.

 Accelerated training offers many benefits:
1. Less time investment allows more time for work, family and recreation.
2. Condensing your training means fewer repeated lessons, thus, less money is spent.
3. One-on-one instruction that moves at your pace (all instruction is one-on-one but accelerated courses have scheduling preference)
Because the actual time of your training is dependent on your progress and pace of learning, the courses outlined below are estimates only. Actual prices and duration of the course will depend on your current hours and training. Call us if you think this program is right for you.


Estimated Minimum Cost:

14-21 Days $13,156.00 $692.00
10 Days $24,054.0 $1,266.00
7 Days
$6,840.00 $360.00
CFI 7 Days
$7,020.00 $369.00
CFII 7 Days
$3,111.00 $163.00
*SFAR 73 Training 14 Days
$13,677.00 $772.00


Add-on ratings for fixed wing pilots Private

Private Pilot Add-On
14-21 Days $9,975.00 $525.00
Commercial Pilot Add-on 7 Days
$15,983.00 $841.00

*SFAR 73 Training trains a helicopter pilot with no Robinson time to instruct in a R22
This type of training requires a mutual commitment between the student and Veracity Aviation to be successful. As part of your commitment, we require 10% of the course price due at signup. This allows us to reserve an aircraft and instructor to work with you one-on-one. When you arrive at Veracity Aviation, 50% of the total estimated cost will be due before beginning training (which includes the 10% deposit). The balance of the account will be due upon course completion. The prices above include a 5% discount for taking an accelerated course.